Better Outcomes for a New Era

President and CEO John Tote, is a dynamic healthcare leader with more than 30 years of clinical and executive experience - a strategic business development innovator who is able to engage and assist with a variety of agencies and organizations providing a vibrant foundation and platform for growth.

With his passion for seeing others succeed, John has developed a career of advocacy, service, and organizational growth and excellence.

In roles ranging from strategic and business development leadership to CEO, under John’s guidance organizations have experienced more than 500 million dollars of financial growth.

Further, these organizations have been able to hire more than 2500 additional professionals to assist in greater service delivery and community enhancement.

With an ever-changing health and human services landscape in the United States, John is also providing a stable base of usable, realistic and vital leadership to companies and organizations in critical areas such as leadership development, governance, financial modeling, integrated care planning and network development, the use of data and analytics, strategic and tactical planning, mission and vision development, marketing and communications, and more.


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